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We welcome your visits to the Vulcan Express Private Limited web portal- VULCANXPRESS.COM and always endeavor to show our commitment to and our concern for your privacy.This Privacy Policy covers all the Users/Visitors accessing the web-portal

This policy is our commitment towards importance of privacy of our customers and user of this website. We have developed this Privacy Policy which covers to the crucial aspects as to collection, use, and disclosure of private information which may be collected from users/ visitor of the website.

This policy exerts to comprehend relevant provisions of The Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and sensitive personal data or information) Rules, 2011 made under Information Technology Act, 2000.

We are much committed towards treatment of private information which may get collected during the course of your visit to our website and we treat that information as confidential. In view of above we only use the collected information for improving website user experience and refine the content of the website.

There is identifiable person ("Personal Information") data which might be collected. Personal information is names, addresses, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers. We never indulge in practice of selling or sharing that data with any third party but are made available through proper channel to any government agency/ authority pursued under any applicable law.

 Personal Informtion 

"Personal information" means any information that relates to a natural person, which, either directly or indirectly, in combination with other information available or likely to be available with a body corporate, is capable of identifying such person.

 As per your consent, personally identifiable information collected during query/feedback process may be used by Vulcan or its associates to offer you services that may be of your interest or requested by you  

Our server system and mobile app captures website visitor's time of visit, location, date, IP address, email id, internet browser used and other user behavior related information. The information is recorded and used for preventing unauthorized access of our website, speedy delivery of services and offering relevant services  

We would never ask your "sensitive personal data or information" as defined under the Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and sensitive personal data or information) Rules, 2011 and request you not to share such information on our website. We are under your approval for the collection, storage and use of your personal information

Personal information of the visitors is highly confidential and we make every effort to preserve it confidentially with all efforts yet we do not make any commitment as to any unauthorized use of personal information in event of hacking etc.

When you share your personal information on website it is validate that such information is correct & true as per your knowledge and belief.

 Use of Information 

Private information collected on our website or through app is used solely for the purpose of managing website traffic, conducting our operation, and determining visitor trend. It aids us in designing our website content and operational processes to make them more useful &fit for the purpose for end users. 

We use collected information to reply your business queries and requests. We use this information for serving your requests – including request for pickup, request for updating shipment status, request for changing addresses, request for returns or request for updating address recipient or addressee. 

We strictly adhere to policy of not sharing private information with any third party but may share such personal information with our partners, associates & service providers to assist us in business processes, with full satisfaction of confidentiality from them. Tracking page, designed to help users see the shipment current status, contains end user personnel information necessary to identify package and is visible to person tracking the package.  

We might use this information to contact you for promotional purposes through e-mail notifications updating you with latest offerings and other useful information.

 Security of Personal Data 

The Website is fully equipped with all latest security techniques for protecting private information, no third party have unauthorized access to this information beside our designated employees who are fully trained authorized to use the personal information and are strictly under observation.  

We have in place Secure Socket Layer technology (SSL) for exchange of information between user and company and tools such as firewalls, security management system for protecting confidential information from any loss or misuse and unauthorized access.  

We regularly update our security system with modern technique & tools and ensure protection of personal information,but we also believe that our user fully understands a situation weherenin dissemination of their personal information through any unauthorized access due to varied reasons which are not in control of company. Users of our website are fully aware of vulnerability of sharing of private information on web-portals; hence we do not guarantee confidentiality of information under rare circumstances.


"Cookies" are minute system readable text files which are stored on user’s hard disk through their web- browser. These are convenience files which facilitate easy access to various functions of the visited websites. Our website might send you cookies depending upon type of information accessing from website, which you can accept or deny by making necessary alteration to relevant settings in your browser. 

Generally web-browsers accept cookies due to such default setting. Cookies are offered to provide users with track and customized use of website by recognizing them and capturing their website usage pattern. This facilitate user with time saving & ideal usage of web-pages & their functions. Our website pages through use of Cookies also remembers information entered by you like data entered on Query page, Login page etc., customer business information & other profile related information shared by user. 

This allows us to determine the web-page usage pattern and figure out most comfortable way of accessing website pages. Cookies are also used to transfer user information from one page to another page. Some cookies are stored on temporary basis and only last till the session of user last on the website while some are permanently stored in hard drive of user computer. Depending upon the type of browser user can change setting for deleting stored cookies from hard drive or not saving them at all.  

There are different types of cookies defined as per the relevant function they undertake for optimization of user experience of website usage. Some are to promote any service or product of the company, some form part of usage of web-pages, in absence of which information cannot be accessed on web-pages, some cookies facilitates user’s customizeduse of web-pages by remembering their usage pattern of web-pages and some are there to record the choices user make with drop down boxes etc. 

A user can use our website by completely disable the cookies through their web-browser setting or can limit them to some defined functions only but this will limit the website guidance feature and user need to share information repeatedly at every instance.


We wish to share with you latest information regarding our offerings and services and shall use your contact information viz. e-mail, phone details subject to the choices and restriction on such services you have made while accessing our website.

 Disclosure and Transfer of Information 

You hereby accessing this website and sharing information agree to allow us to disclose your private information to any of our business associate for legitimate commercial purpose and to any third party who has legal power to obtain so. We can also transmit private information to any research agency with satisfaction of confidentiality of such data for conducting survey, sampling and research report for us.

 IP Address 

We may capture user’s IP address on which user is accessing our website and exchanging information. This is done for various purposes including web-traffic volume assessment, user pattern and choices, improvements of web pages, enhancing security features thereby optimizing user experience to full satisfaction


This website, its content including this privacy policy is owned and operated by Vulcan Express private limited. Company reserves right to add, delete, modify, alter any portion in part or full of this website without any prior notice to user and public at large. 

User are requested to go through this Privacy policy from time to time to keep themselves updated of changes and to enhance their experience on website.


On accessing this website user/ visitor undertakes to agree to the terms & conditions of this privacy policy and all the amendments made by company from time to time.

 Contact @ Vulcan 

In case any query arise in relation to any content/part of this privacy policy or you experience any difficulty in understanding it, you may contact us at +91 9212692126.